How to Make Your Workplace COVID-Free

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It’s been almost two years since the pandemic changed the world. It has challenged the way we live and the way we treat our health. But truth be told, personal health became front and center of our major concerns. We have given importance to personal hygiene like never before. And it’s all because of one issue, the COVID-19 virus.

This resulted in the economy coming crashing down. Many companies had to close down, some of them filed for bankruptcy. As a result, many workers lost their jobs. While some were given the work from home arrangement and still keep their jobs.

Fast forward to 2021, now vaccines are already available. Cases of COVID-19 are on the decline as millions are getting their shots. As it happens, the health situation is getting better. Many people are getting their lives and their jobs back. This became possible when companies and businesses started to re-open.

But you need to keep in mind that the world is still in a pandemic. Getting the COVID-19 virus is still very much possible. You may have the vaccines, but you may still be a carrier. This means people who have yet to get their vaccine shots can still be infected. This virus can still be fatal.

If you own a company, or you run the day to day affairs of an office, this article is for you. Here’s how to make your office either COVID-proof or COVID-free:

1. Make Your Building Ready for Occupancy

If your office has been closed for more than a year, chances are it is unfit for occupancy. There may be building hazards caused by a very long building shutdown. So it is good to check for molds, pests and rodents. They may have already occupied the entire building while you were home.

If unchecked, these issues may cause many health problems. Pests and rodents will eat anything that comes their way. For example, feces from rats can easily spread bacteria. It can contaminate your food and the water you drink. And when you consume contaminated food, then it will trigger many allergic reactions. Not only can they damage office equipment, they are also health hazards.

You also need to check if the toilets and kitchen have stagnant water issues. If left standing for days it becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes. These are insects that spread malaria, dengue and other life threatening diseases.

It is very important to perform cleaning and pest control. Give your office some time for pest control treatment. This may cost some money but it is a very good investment.

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2. Ensure a Perfect Ventilation System

The coronavirus thrives on closed and poorly ventilated spaces. So a well ventilated office is important. An office with a good heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is a comfortable working environment. And it becomes a healthy environment at the same time.

Not only your workers need good ventilation. You also need to check the ventilation in your data center. Setting up a good temperature management in that area is very important. This is to ensure functionality and performance of your equipment. Warm air and humidity in your data center may cost you a lot of money. You can check out data center cooling techniques and systems that can help you accomplish that task.

Do all these and you can be rest assured that your workers and equipment are in a comfortable place. The coronavirus can stay away and your equipment is well maintained. All good ingredients for a healthy and growing company as it restarts.

3. Prioritize Spaces

Remember that all viruses, including covid is transmitted during close contact with others. So it is important to identify common office areas where workers can have close contact. It is important to give at least 6 feet of space between them. This needs to be deliberately done in many places in your office. This includes the cafeteria, locker rooms, and meeting rooms. You can also install transparent shields. This should separate employees who need to talk closely.

Even your work desks needs to be separated by 6 feet apart. Even the check-in and waiting areas must have wide spaces between guests. It is also safe to set up a communication plan where colleagues need not require face to face meeting. Instead, your team can still meet virtually even in the office. That way you still get the job done even while practicing social distancing.

You can also encourage your employees to utilize the outdoors. Another good way of defeating COVID-19 and other viruses. If there are no outdoor space, then find a room where you can open windows or doors. These can be places where you can take a break while letting outdoor air circulate.

Making money should always be a priority. But equally important is your health and safety. This includes the health and safety of your colleagues. So if you are back to working in the office, take note of health and safety standards. You are not only saving your life, but you are protecting your colleagues and their loved ones, too.

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