Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist: Ease the Fear and Anxiety of Going to the Dentist

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Fear of going to the dentist is surprisingly common not just in children. Millions of adults in the United States avoid going to the dentist because of overwhelming anxiety.

An estimated 9% to 20% of Americans are not getting the treatment they need and, therefore, are at risk of developing dental problems.

For some people, the fear of going to the dentist is severe. They experience extreme panic because of it. They would refuse to see a dentist until the pain from a toothache has become unbearable. The condition is called dental phobia and, often, it manifests in symptoms such as trouble falling and staying asleep, difficulty breathing, intense uneasiness, and feeling physically ill.

Dentists do not have the best reputation around. There is so much fear surrounding dental procedures that both kids and adults alike avoid going to the dentist unless they are experiencing extreme pain.

Through social media, dentists can create a friendlier image that will encourage everyone to visit regularly and get preventative treatment.

Why so Serious?

Digital marketing for dentists does not have to be boring.

On social media, any type of business can appear friendly and have banter with consumers. Wendy’s was one of the first to do it. The fast-food chain has built a social media branding around using memes and, sometimes, provoking competing restaurants — all for the entertainment of the consumers.

Even brands that one would not expect to have a funny social media account are getting into the action. Charmin, a toilet paper brand, manages to consistently post hilarious tweets that gain consistent customer engagement. The social media account also now has thousands of followers.

Having an entertaining social media presence is one of the best ways to promote a brand. Consumers would not mind following a brand on social media if it provides content that puts a smile on their faces.

You do not have to be a comedian to make your social media accounts interesting. A few puns scattered here and there can help create a lighthearted brand voice and identity. Having a social media manager who is up-to-date with the latest memes and have experience growing a following with humor would help, too.

What Are People Talking About?

Engagement is important for brands that are leveraging social media as a marketing tool. It boosts your following and ensures that your messages are reaching the intended audience.

Facilitating the exchange of ideas, through comments and shares, would increase social media engagement.

You can create conversations by posting content that will pique the interest of your followers. Articles, blog entries, YouTube videos, and photos would encourage people to actively participate in discussions.

It is good to stick to your own field but, sometimes, you can also post content that is not relevant to dentistry.

However, as much as possible, do not discuss politics. Although it is one topic that will always make people want to share their opinions, often, talks about politics get so inflamed. People end up arguing angrily about it.

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What Are They Afraid Of?

You can also use social media to dispel any false information about dentistry and orthodontic procedures. Explaining how the treatment is performed, and what you do in order to make sure that the patient is safe and comfortable, can ease anxious hearts.

When people are more aware of what happens in the dentist’s chair, there would be less fear. Because they know what to expect, they would feel more at ease.

Why Having Friendly Social Media Matters?

Consumers respond more positively to brands that have a friendly voice on social media. In one survey conducted by Adzooma, 55% of respondents said that they would purchase from a brand that has a strong online identity. About 51.2% said they already made a purchase based on how a brand communicates to customers on social media.

While being friendly and funny is good for a brand, there have to be limitations. Only 13.1% said that they prefer a quirky tone from a brand while 2.4% said they enjoy interacting with a brand that uses a sarcastic tone. Around 13.1% still want brands online to be professional.

However, 21.4% say that they think brands should have a mix of all four personality traits when communicating with consumers.

Social media marketing can change the way consumers look at a business or brand. Entrepreneurs can leverage it to make their ventures more approachable and, therefore, increase their customer base. There are many strategies that social media managers can use to create a friendly online presence that builds a loyal following and boosts engagement.

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